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–          Ill manors is a British genre film which was initially released on May 30th , 2012, then on June 6th, 2012.

Marketing techniques for Ill manors

Posters – There were 8 different kinds of posters here are some examples:


Within the posters there were many marketing techniques such as the gun, which could represent action in the film directing it at 16-30 year old males.

Cross promotion – As a famous music artist Ben Drew aka. (Plan B) could easily cross promote his film. Close to the release of the film he released the album “ill manors”

The album included a lot of songs from the actual film, and singles in which their videos included characters from the film – however there was no actual footage from the film which was unusual.

Below is an example of the music video:


This album release can also be used as part of the publicity circus – as plan B appeared on many chat shows etc… to promote both the film and the album.



Another interesting point about this film is that the trailer:


this was only released a month before it came out – if we compare this to inception where a teaser trailer was released about a year before, you can see that inception was trying to create a “buzz” for the film and attract audiences.  Also within the trailer it was rapid montage this did not give a clear idea of the film, this was a weak point of the trailer.

Social media advertising was also a key element in in marketing the film:

Here we see Facebook, Twitter and an official website.

When thinking about defining the audience remember

*Genre can include and exclude at the same time*

When applying this to ill manors, you could say the film was aimed at 16-30 males due to the appearance of guns, and attractive women in the trailer; however you could also say it was aimed at a niche audience due to the complex storyline “We are all products of our environment”.


Take the BBC marketing for the apprentice:

The BBC has a huge core audience, and because they own the channel it doesn’t cost them to advertise, they can put the advert for the apprentice in-between their shows.

This is why they are in the strong position – they have a wide variety of audience and the power to easily advertise whenever they want.


They had two tasks:

  1. To get people to know about it.
  2. Get these people to watch it.

The fear was shown across 4 days, so they needed to grab the audience quickly.

Because it was shown across 4 days this meant there was less marketing opportunities, as they couldn’t advertise for a whole week until the next episode as they may usually do., it was also hard for them to promote catch up as people may not have enough free time to catch up on a day-to-day basis.


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