The Walking Dead Episode 4 Sterotype 13.11.13


The Walking Dead Episode 4- Vatos

In The Walking Dead the use of stereotypes for Hispanic males is shown through the use of tattoos and chains to represent a gang. They use a mix of Spanish and English when they talk which only reinforces the stereotype surrounding the Hispanic community. In order for this group to survive they have to play to the stereotype.

Representation: Confirm or Challenge

This representation of Hispanic males is changed later on in the episode when we see them caring for the old and see them acting in a nonviolent way. This challenges what we saw before because the change of violence to caring when they were just ready to kill Rick and his friends in the Mexican standoff.

Age: Old Women walks into Mexican standoff, they stop and listen to her. She shows she is strong; she doesn’t listen to the males to go back. What the old women does is take away all of the tension.



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