Audience Theory – 19/11/13


19TH November 2013

A2 Media Studies – Audience Theory

Audience > Targeted

                  > Effects/Uses and Gratifications

                  > Readings > Preferred

                                       > Negotiated

                                       > Oppositional

There are three theories of audience that we can apply to help us come to a better understanding about the relationship between texts and audience.

  1. The Effects Model or The Hypodermic Model (E.g. Gaming is thought to have an effect on people, usually younger boys behaviour, such as Grand Theft Auto).
  2. The Uses and Gratifications Model. (Personal Identity – Information – Entertainment – Social Identity)
  3. Reception Theory.
  • 1. The Effects Model

–          The consumption of media texts has an effect or influence upon the audience.

–          It is normally considered that this effect is negative.

–          Audiences are passive and powerless.

This model is also known as The Hypodermic Model.

–          Messages in the media are injected to the audience by the powerful syringe like media.

–          The audience is powerless to resist.

–          The media works like a drug and the audience is addicted.

–          It is often vulnerable people who often need protection from the violent media

Key evidence:

The Bobo doll experiment: a very controversial piece of media that apparently proved that children copy violent behaviour. An example is the film Childs Play 3 (Seed of Chucky) caused the murder of James Bulger in 1993.

1980’s – Videotapes.

1990’s – Videogames.

2000’s – Internet – A moral panic.

Moral Panic: an instance of public anxiety or alarm in response to a problem regarded as threatening the moral standards of society.



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