British film industry


Today we were looking at what films we could easily call culturally British and financially British, this means that the films should have the aspects of a British cast, director, crew and story. And financially British is not using money from Hollywood to fund the film. We looked at a variety of films, we were questioning whether the film ‘Welcome to The Punch’ was both culturally and financially British, this is because the film seemed to have influences of Hong Kong which is more a global culture. Hot Fuzz has both aspects of being culturally and financially British, as all the locations were in England, but it was inspired by western movies. The culturally British films make less money than Hollywood, because the main majority go to see American style films such as The Hunger Games and Iron Man franchise as the American culture is the second culture to British. And if a British film wanted to sell to an American distributor in a major studio, the major studio would be interested in their own films. The BFI funds culturally British films to…

  • promote new talent
  • promote British culture at home and abroad

And to support arthouse film culture.



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