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AS Media Studies – The “Readings” of a Text

January 30, 2014

The “Readings” of a Text

The “readings” of a text are what an audience would say about a particular text (e.g. Print advert, TV show, etc).

There are 3 types of “readings” when studying a text:

Preferred Readings – What the text wants the audience to do.

Negociated Readings – You accept the message of the text, but you don’t believe that it is appropriate to yourself.

Oppositional Readings – You don’t accept the Preferred Readings of the text.

Preferred Readings are normally straightforward to understand.

Oppositional Readings are the 2nd easiest to understand.

Think Negociated Readings last.

The Readings stated above and the audience’s response are very similar.

The Readings for this Sony Ericsson print advert:

Preferred Readings –

Men can say “Yes! I can see all the goals on my phone!”

The text wants us to feel sorry for the women, given that they are being ignored by the men, who are so focused on watching the goals.

We are attracted to the product, because of the Cover Line “Win £100,000 and watch all the goals first with Xperia”.

Oppositional Readings –

The women are thinking “This product isn’t for me”.

There is also clear emphasis that this product also isn’t suited to non-football fans.

Negociated Readings –

The women are thinking “Great (!) He’s focusing more on the sport than he is on me!”.

The audience could think that, because this product is relying on giveaways and prizes, it could be a “dodgy” product. In other words, it isn’t selling its looks. Its selling the prizes.

The Readings for “Vatos” (Series 1, Episode 4 of “The Walking Dead”)

Preferred Readings –

This text makes us feel sympathetic towards the characters who have lost their loved ones due to the Zombie attack.

Be careful how you racially stereotype groups of people. In this case, there is a stereotype that “all Hispanic males are part of gangs”. However, in “Vatos”, the gang turn out to be guarding a hidden nursing home in a warehouse.

The men in this episode need to save the children. This reinforces the stereotype that men are the dominant and stronger gender, and that they are the women’s “knight in shining armour”.

Oppositional Readings –

All the stereotypes in this episode are correctly presented.

Feminists would say that the women don’t need saving by the men. This opposes the stereotype mentioned above. This stereotype is also sexist against women.

Negociated Readings – 

The attack that happens at the end of the episode is seen as “sad but contrived”. In other words, this attack is a sad occasion, but the audience knew that it was going to happen.



January 27, 2014

Commodity – Product

-Stars are a commodity as they are been sold.

-Women pose to emphasize their body and sexiness

-Sexy Soap Stars – publicity Circus, TV choice (Daz), Partners (Public eye), Stars (value of commodity), Metro (Fills a page)

-Celebrity Endorsement – direct address (to stay in public eye)

Defining Audiences

January 27, 2014


Professional Workers

B White Collar Workers                MIDDLE CLASS

C1 Skilled Manual Workers

C2 Skilled Manual

D Semi-Skilled Manual                  WORKING CLASS                

E Unskilled Manual

  • Social class is based upon occupation
  • Mass and Niche audiences

Mass: Everyone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Niche: A clearly targeted group eg) Teens, Children, 60+



Times(Conservative)                   QUALITY (hard news). ABC1




Daily Mail(Conservative)              MID MARKET (mixtures). BC1C2

The Sun(Conservative)

Star(Conservative)                       RED TOPS (soft news). C2DE



Left Wing:

  • Progressive
  • Modernity
  • People
  • Equality
  • Public
  • Poor

Right Wing:

  • Conservative
  • Traditional
  • Business
  • Elite
  • Private
  • Rich

Texts aimed at everyone are rare.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                eg) Hollywood films (Disney), Family films or Coronation Street.

Most texts are aimed at niches because they are easier to target.

Anything based on advertising usually targets ABC1’s; gets more disposable income.

3 broad areas for targeting audiences

  • Age
  • Class
  • Gender

Yr11 Friday 24th

January 23, 2014

Get on with coursework, remember:

Film and Media Magazines

Posters (original images)


Micro analysis

Industry research.

Essay on gender in music videos and CD covers including a CD cover for a band you have made up.


12 Film Studies The Deep End

January 23, 2014


read up on the film making notes on the pieces:

Hoping to see youse next week.


January 22, 2014

Using the advertising case study material you gathered earlier this week answer the question:

Examine the ways in which audiences might respond to texts of your choice.

This should be done in 50 mins and answers put on my desk.

For Yr10 Friday 24th

January 20, 2014

TODAY: work on Pitch for your film. When finished this should be a PowerPoint including:

  • title & tagline (one line slogan selling the film)
  • logline (paragraph summary of film)
  • genre
  • stars – who and why? (they don’t have to be well known stars; it’s up to you)
  • audience – who is your film’s core audience. Eg males 16-25; females 30+
  • type of distribution – wide for mainstream films, platform for indie

I’ll look at them as drafts before they are finished.

If you’ve finished this you can start designing your posters. You need to create 3 for your film including a teaser; the other’s could be for slightly different audiences. Eg one aimed at males (emphasising action) and other, females (relationships) – gender stereotypes R US!

Look at actual posters in detail to get ideas.

IF YOU’RE THINKING I FINISHED ALL THIS ON YESTERDAY. THINK AGAIN. IT’S NOT POSSIBLE. SO GETTONWITHIT. However, if you really think yo’ve done everything, you can start designing the front page of a new film magazine that will feature the film that you have made up. Keep all drafts.

Your posters must consist of original images unless you have a film star in your film. So ensure you’re realistically able to produce the posters.

For 12 Media

January 19, 2014


Remember this from Tuesday?

FORGOT TO EMAIL IT TO ME?! (Thanks Kieran). Sort it the rest of you.

TODAY: Get the coursework finished!

In class: Analyse the representation of place in three texts of your choice.

Please type up your answers so you can email them to me; roughly 500 words. Make sure your name is on the answer.

Analyse the representation of Yorkshire in:

Discuss the representations together. Hints:

  • landscape
  • social class

Make notes for discussion.