Globalisation & The Film Industry


Globalisation & the film industry
Globalisation is the idea that business becomes global e.g. McDonalds.
Global Village: breaking down borders
Imperialism- The physical invasion of other countries to build an empire. Cultural Imperialism- Invading other countries with culture. The dominance of one culture over another.
Culture: values of a nation e.g. the American dream (working hard makes you successful) the myth that America is an equal society. Capitalism: It’s right for a business to make profit. Australia and New Zealand play cricket because we invaded them. This is an example of cultural imperialism.
Cultural Imperialism and the Media
News Corp owns 20th Century Fox. They sell their products globally to make more profit. E.g. Sony (Japanese company) own Colombia but don’t only make Japanese films as it would have a smaller market. (Similar to Bertelsmann who are German) The apprentice (American show) is shown in 26 countries which is an example of globalisation.
A vast amount of Hollywood films present America in a positive light. 12 years a slave wasn’t very popular in America because it presented Americans in a negative light.
American films:
Russia 8/10
Japan 4/10
East Africa 10/10
America makes the most expensive films and has the biggest global stars. Hollywood specialises in easy-to-understand narratives to attract different cultures. America has the largest home market which enables them to sell their films more cheaply world-wide. The British film industry can’t compete with Hollywood. Cultural Imperialism works both in the democratic world and in the west. Because of American dominance, their culture is second for many countries around the world.


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