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Globalisation – TV 11.02.14/13.02.14

February 25, 2014

TV is a national industry rather than a global industry such as film
e.g. the BBC makes films for just this country

The UK in unusual because most of our programmes are British. In other places in the world most programmes are from other countries.

Money allows America to dominate the film market, yet it doesn’t dominate the TV market because TV is fnded by advitisers (ITV, C4, etc) and by the public through the TV lisence (BBC)

Over 50% of the schedulings in South America, Africa, and Asia are imports, which are mostly American.

America spends a lot of money making programmes yet sells them cheaply to poorer countries so they can still watch them. They can afford to do this because they already make a profit from selling the programmes in America.

The Good Wife, an American TV series was sold to the British, niche¬†channel, More 4 cheaper than it would of sold to any other channel because it doesn’t have as many viewers and wouldn’t pay more for it.

National culture is marginalised
Western culture is prominant

Consumerism (Earning and spending money) seems normal for our culture as we have grown up with it. If everyone aspires to spend money we’ll run out of resources which is bad for the environment.

Dallas – an American TV series about oil rich Texans
America – Celebrates wealth
Africa – Money can rescue people (Solve problems)
Israel – Unhappy Americans (Money=unhappy)

Different cultures have different readings

Israel sees money as not that important, where as Africa sees it as very important because it is a country with a lot of poverty

US programmes are rarely the most popular

Globalisation may be homogensising (Making the same) but also different.

GLOCAL – Global and local
e.g. McDonalds have adapted to different cultures

MTV Case study
Viacom owns MTV
MTV has changed because you can watch videos online now (YouTube) so there is no longer a need for it to be the primary content.

MTV Asia
-Success of American products in Asia created demand for more American products
-MTV Asia said that 20% of the music videos would be Asian, but actually only 10% were. These 10% (Bangcok Jam) were played at midnight when the audience would be a lot smaller.
-Local bands that were put on MTV Asia played Western music

“MTV Asia reinforces globalisation and abandonment of traditional cultures and languages”


How successful have your chosen texts been for their industry? FEEDBACK

November 12, 2013

Define the term of your question
Successful – seriality
– Profitability – box office (film)
– audience share (TV)
– PSB – educates and entertains
РAwards: Oscars-prestigious award Р(Can be used as a marketing device)
-Reviews (IMDB user ratings/Rotten Tomatoes critic reviews)
– Social media ‘chatter’

Answers must be structures
Intro – Answer the Q in the intro with a semi colon list in order of importance
“…the success of these texts can be measured by: seriality
awards and reviews
audience share

structure your answer with the points you make, not by the case studies you are using

Directly compare texts (If appropriate)

Planning is crucial – up to 10 minutes

Ensure you address the question and keep referring back to it

Conclusion – your personal viewpoint on the Q – Which text is most successful and why?

Friday 20th September (Leonardo DiCaprio)

September 25, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio’s star persona
-Action films -Heroic -Goes out with models
-(Character based) -Intense
-Heart-throb -Darker side/troubled
-Diversity in roles.. persona? -Private/professional (mostly)

Publicity circus – Appearing in the media in order to sell something (interview). Marketing which is not paid for.

EPK – Electronic press kit

Leonardo DiCaprio does an interview for the film Body of Lies which appears on the Empire magazine website.
This is done to generate traffic on the Empire website so people will subscribe to the Empire magazine. Also, more hits on the website means advertisers pay more to advertise on their website. Also, the interview will market the film. This is called a symbiotic relationship as it benefits both parties.
e.g. The benefit to ITV of getting a lot of people watching is that it can sell audiences to advertisers for more money. When the Jonathon Ross show has celebrity guests on, there will be a lot of viewers, which means the advert slot will be more valuable to advertisers and creates more revenue for ITV, and a larger audience for the advertisers.

How does the Leonardo DiCaprio Body Of Lies interview market the film?
-Starts by talking about the genre of the film (Action/Thriller) to sell the genre to audiences
-Unique rolls
-“Most suffiecient film maker I’ve ever worked with”
-“Editors take ages, make film perfect”
-Selling the film makers/directors
-Picture of the film in the background
Note: When creating a star portfolio look at a fan website as well as an official website – Splend in the grass – Jennifer Lawrence
“Got lucky” “Plucked from everyday life” – Normal girl, just like us – makes her relatable and therefore more likeable.
The magazine is marketing ‘Winters Bone’ positively so studios will give them access to stars next time they want.
Jeniffer Lawrence did the Esquire photo shoot to raise publicity and market herself.