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Yr11 Friday 24th

January 23, 2014

Get on with coursework, remember:

Film and Media Magazines

Posters (original images)


Micro analysis

Industry research.

Essay on gender in music videos and CD covers including a CD cover for a band you have made up.



12 Film Studies The Deep End

January 23, 2014


read up on the film making notes on the pieces:

Hoping to see youse next week.


January 22, 2014

Using the advertising case study material you gathered earlier this week answer the question:

Examine the ways in which audiences might respond to texts of your choice.

This should be done in 50 mins and answers put on my desk.

For Yr10 Friday 24th

January 20, 2014

TODAY: work on Pitch for your film. When finished this should be a PowerPoint including:

  • title & tagline (one line slogan selling the film)
  • logline (paragraph summary of film)
  • genre
  • stars – who and why? (they don’t have to be well known stars; it’s up to you)
  • audience – who is your film’s core audience. Eg males 16-25; females 30+
  • type of distribution – wide for mainstream films, platform for indie

I’ll look at them as drafts before they are finished.

If you’ve finished this you can start designing your posters. You need to create 3 for your film including a teaser; the other’s could be for slightly different audiences. Eg one aimed at males (emphasising action) and other, females (relationships) – gender stereotypes R US!

Look at actual posters in detail to get ideas.

IF YOU’RE THINKING I FINISHED ALL THIS ON YESTERDAY. THINK AGAIN. IT’S NOT POSSIBLE. SO GETTONWITHIT. However, if you really think yo’ve done everything, you can start designing the front page of a new film magazine that will feature the film that you have made up. Keep all drafts.

Your posters must consist of original images unless you have a film star in your film. So ensure you’re realistically able to produce the posters.

Stereotypes of young people

December 13, 2013

Stereotypes of young people in the media today:

18-30 beach advert 

Romantic– focus mainly on sex- guy and girl on the beach mainly interested in one another.

Party animals– drunk and hungover man has had a good night as he wakes up in the sea.

Summer 2012- promo video

Activities– eg: water slides, paragliding and partying. This could be linked back to the first one with the man who awakes in the water after a night out of partying.

Focus on the bodies-  ( both male and female but more emphasis on female body. This can be linked to the first one when they are both being romantic on the beach.

What to expect from Horror

September 23, 2013

Typical things you can expect a horror film to be:
-Have tense music
-Low key lighting
-An ugly/scary villain
-Suspense throughout
-Atonal music
(Sequence is 4:35 – 10:40)

-The tense music tells us that something bad is going to happen.
-Terrible things happening in an ordinary setting is gripping.
-Shocking when man gets ran over by the ambulance.
-Shallow depth of field adds suspense; can see something but not sure what.

Sub genres of horror: eg. Zombie

Slasher: Psychopath terrorises small community or group of friends.
Haunted: Restless spirits need exorcising from building.

How to ‘ace’ the exam

March 28, 2009


In What Would Google Do? Jeff Jarvis describes how Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, did at Harvard when faced with the prospect of failing his art course:

‘He went to the internet and downloaded images of all the peices of art he knew would be covered in the exam. He put them on a web page and added blank boxes under each. Then he emailed the address of this page to his classmates, telling them he’d just put up a study guide… The class… filled in the blanks with the essential knowledge about each peice of art, editing each other as they went, collaborating to get it just right… Zuckerberg aced the exam [and] the professor said the class as a whole got better grades than usual. They captured the wisdom of the crowd…’ (p. 49 – my italics).

The purpose of this blog is to provide students with the opportunity to create the perfect revision tool for each of the examined courses in the media department at Benton Park Tech College in Leeds, UK. Each student will be able to access the blog and contribute to the pages set up around topics and texts. You will all be able to edit the entries as well as adding comments.

Of course, some may think that they’ll let everyone else to the work and benefit from the blog anyway. If everyone decides to do that no one will benefit; if everyone contributes, everyone benefits greatly (and there’s no doubt actually contributing to the blog will in itself be a form of very effective revision).

You can find the topics and texts you are studying by using the categories and tags. To be able to edit the blog you need to create a WordPress account and send me the email you used in registering with them:

Hello world!

March 28, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!