12 Film Studies The Deep End

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read up on the film making notes on the pieces:



Hoping to see youse next week.



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Using the advertising case study material you gathered earlier this week answer the question:

Examine the ways in which audiences might respond to texts of your choice.

This should be done in 50 mins and answers put on my desk.

For Yr10 Friday 24th

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TODAY: work on Pitch for your film. When finished this should be a PowerPoint including:

  • title & tagline (one line slogan selling the film)
  • logline (paragraph summary of film)
  • genre
  • stars – who and why? (they don’t have to be well known stars; it’s up to you)
  • audience – who is your film’s core audience. Eg males 16-25; females 30+
  • type of distribution – wide for mainstream films, platform for indie

I’ll look at them as drafts before they are finished.

If you’ve finished this you can start designing your posters. You need to create 3 for your film including a teaser; the other’s could be for slightly different audiences. Eg one aimed at males (emphasising action) and other, females (relationships) – gender stereotypes R US!

Look at actual posters in detail to get ideas.

IF YOU’RE THINKING I FINISHED ALL THIS ON YESTERDAY. THINK AGAIN. IT’S NOT POSSIBLE. SO GETTONWITHIT. However, if you really think yo’ve done everything, you can start designing the front page of a new film magazine that will feature the film that you have made up. Keep all drafts.

Your posters must consist of original images unless you have a film star in your film. So ensure you’re realistically able to produce the posters.

For 12 Media

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Remember this from Tuesday?

FORGOT TO EMAIL IT TO ME?! (Thanks Kieran). Sort it the rest of you.

TODAY: Get the coursework finished!

In class: Analyse the representation of place in three texts of your choice.

Please type up your answers so you can email them to me; roughly 500 words. nick.lacey@bentonpark.net Make sure your name is on the answer.

Analyse the representation of Yorkshire in:




Discuss the representations together. Hints:

  • landscape
  • social class

Make notes for discussion.

Stereotypes of young people

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Stereotypes of young people in the media today:


18-30 beach advert 

Romantic– focus mainly on sex- guy and girl on the beach mainly interested in one another.

Party animals– drunk and hungover man has had a good night as he wakes up in the sea.

Summer 2012- promo video

Activities– eg: water slides, paragliding and partying. This could be linked back to the first one with the man who awakes in the water after a night out of partying.

Focus on the bodies-  ( both male and female but more emphasis on female body. This can be linked to the first one when they are both being romantic on the beach.

Age- Stereotypes of old people

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-Smell bad




-Positive stereotype of Grandma

British film industry

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Today we were looking at what films we could easily call culturally British and financially British, this means that the films should have the aspects of a British cast, director, crew and story. And financially British is not using money from Hollywood to fund the film. We looked at a variety of films, we were questioning whether the film ‘Welcome to The Punch’ was both culturally and financially British, this is because the film seemed to have influences of Hong Kong which is more a global culture. Hot Fuzz has both aspects of being culturally and financially British, as all the locations were in England, but it was inspired by western movies. The culturally British films make less money than Hollywood, because the main majority go to see American style films such as The Hunger Games and Iron Man franchise as the American culture is the second culture to British. And if a British film wanted to sell to an American distributor in a major studio, the major studio would be interested in their own films. The BFI funds culturally British films to…

  • promote new talent
  • promote British culture at home and abroad

And to support arthouse film culture.

The uses and grats theory 21/11/13

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-It is still unclear that there is any link between the consumption of violent media texts and violent imitative behaviour.

-It is also clear the theory is flawed in that many people do watch violent texts and appear not to be influenced

-Audience is ACTIVE

-The audience uses the text and is not used by them

-The audience uses the text for its own pleasure or gratification.



-Dispite the BBC being more or less in the center ground most people believe it to be left wing- this maybe because right wing papers say so.

Audience Targeting – 22/11/2013

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Assignment for 5th December: How have your chosen texts been constructed to appeal to their audiences

Key Concepts (MIGRAN)

Media Language

Target (Address)

  • Content
  • Appeal to the product – Uses & Gratifications

How do we know it’s an advert?

  • Length of the advertisement
  • Rapid editing

Genre’s audience

Comedy – Young
Romance – Female
Chick Flick – Teen Girls
Horror – Male 14 – 30
Action – Male 14 – 25

Representation of Ethnicity

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Firstly in our lesson of ethnicity we made a list of all the different races around the world from African American to Hispanic and Latino’s and after naming just about all of them we discovered there are three broad terms in ethnicity which are White (although its often forgotten we are our own ethnicity), Black and Asian.

After introducing ourselves to different ethnicities we looked at what it was that made up stereotypes and why they were so commonly used in terms of race. Typical representations of people is what’s known as a stereotype, so in other words it’s the generalisation of a group of people judged by a minority of them. An example of this could be how people believe the majority of Chinese people to be short and dark haired but it’s clear that with such a large population within China not every single one of them is going to be short and have dark hair as everyone’s different. Another example is the Asian (Korean) guy in the walking dead who follows the stereotype of Asians tending to be very clever and thoughtful which is exactly how he’s shown in the TV series. It’s just due to how different ethnic groups are portrayed in society as generations come through because it’s obvious that the generalisation of people gets passed down through different generations. Stereotyping is basically having one person to represent the general public for that ethnicity which in hind sight is a very inaccurate thing to do as common sense should overrule any kind of stereotype there is.

Stereotypes are used as a short cut to meaning as many people tend to understand the very basic stereotype of different ethnicities so it’s the general meaning from it is understood. It’s very common for non-white characters in TV programme’s to be stereotyped although an exception we discussed in class was Luther as the main character is black but it’s not used as a problem with his ethnicity at all, he’s just seen as a basic actor in a drama TV show.

It’s often seen that stereotypes are used in a very negative sense, for example racism and sexism and they are quite oftenly fround upon which isn’t surprising as they could be seen as quite offensive if you was on the recieving end of someone stereotyping your ethnicity.