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Soap Stars/Global Stars

October 24, 2013

Sexy Soap Stars – Part of the Publicity Circus – TV Choice – Daz sponserd Tv choice – Partners – Stars- selling series (value of commodity) (keep them in the public eye) – Metro paper uses them as it fills a page.

Soap stars are like film stars just not as big or known. – they come across ordinary on soaps but extra ordinary on the red carpet.

Celebrity Chef programmes can be used to sell the programme as they are: TV personalities, they are the ‘audiences friend’ due to the direct adress that  they give.

Stars will also endorse in products to keep them in the public eye Advertisements such as Chanel and L’oreal use Beyonce and Kiera Knightly as they are global stars, this therefore means the advert will be shown worldwide getting the product known to a wide range of people.