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TV Platforms – 15/10/13

November 21, 2013

15th October 2013.

TV Platforms

Product > Distribution > Exhibition (audience)

1)      Terrestrial: aerial (digital)

Freeview à 50 channels, 4 HD Channels, 24 Radio Channels.

2)      Cable/Satellite TV

You view à Talk Talk: Subscribe and get the box free or pay for the box on its own.

Gives you more channels, catch up channels (7) and Pay TV (TV you pay to watch).

3)      Virgin media

TV, broadband and mobile: subscribe monthly > 4 different packages to suit different people.

4)      Apple TV

Offers a wide variety of channels, including iTunes, American sport channels, sky news and Netflix > Choose what you want to watch and when (like catch-up)  but doesn’t include live channels, excluding rare online occasions from channels in America.

5)      Sky anytime

Allows you to watch programmes when your elsewhere, as well as V.O.D (Video on Demand) an alternative to catch-up.

6)      Gaming consoles e.g. Xbox, PS3

Provides catch up TV, plays Blu-ray, resembles Apple TV.

Netflix/Love film > available on tablets and online.


Spent $90M on its original series: House of cards.

This programme was exclusive to Netflix for 9 months and was then sold to other TV Platforms.

All episodes were released and available to watch at the same time, where conventional TV would usually provide one episode per week.

The releasing of several episodes together is called binge viewing.

Other platforms

  • DVD
  • Golden Oldie Channels (such as Dave)

–          As programmes get older they can be sold to different platforms at increasingly different prices. New programmes can be sold at a premium.


13th November- Film Platforms

November 18, 2013

1) Cinema

2) DVD/ Bluray – Retail
– Rental

Downloads, eg. Itunes/Apple TV  – Retail
– Rental

Normally both retail and rental but during Christmas period only retail

Normally 4 months until available for rent or retail
– occasionally longer eg. Iron Man 3 (waited to release at Christmas- 6 months after cinema)

3) Pay TV- SkyStore (can be available same time as stage 2)
– usually 6-12 months after cinema release
– Pacific Rim didn’t do as well as expected so on Pay TV earlier

4) Netflix/ LoveFilm – around 12 months after cinema

Subscription – Sky Movies etc.

5) ‘Free to air’ Tv – 2 years

A Field in England was released on  free TV (Film4), DVD and video-on-demand at the same time it was released in the cinema

BBC films for example, miss out stages 3 + 4

MEDIA 9/10/13

November 13, 2013
SYNERGY– is the cross promotion of two or more products this there for creates a greater effect than their individual efforts.
  • Must only use one industry
  • Must link points to the question
  • In the intro answer the question. (to what extent are they? 0-10)
  • In advertising cosmetic and beauty products celebrity’s are crucial
  • In TV, it depends on what type of program it is
  • Choose an are you can write most about eg- cosmetics in advertising and celebrity programs on tv
  • Must use close references to the text
  • Use terminology
  • Must read background info (can find on common or Guardian website)
  • Must include on UK text
  • should be around 800 words long


  • ill manors- main production company is the BBC
  • The film had been developed for 3 years prior to filming as it was difficult to sell as it’s a grim story and is not what people want to see
  • Was a micro budget film
  • Training through production scheme
  • Plan B wrote the soundtrack, made the film money
  • ill manors run out of money for post-production so sold distribution rights to resolve.


Advertising platforms

November 6, 2013


– National


– Catch up (commercial)

Are calendar news ads regional?

Outdoor advertising, e.g. Billboards


Most advertising is regional, as are most radio channels. There are only 3 national channels, it’s hard to compete with the BBC as they already have the genres covered, and don’t advertise.

Unlike radio, magazines are mostly national, however some are regional- such as Yorkshire Life





Digital advertising (Online)


-Social media

-Interactive and targeted- cookies and what you click on, websites know you



-Main reel

-Separate from main reel (e.g. EE with Kevin Bacon)

International brands– Not a platform but some advertisers go international, e.g. airlines, mcdonalds or coca cola