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Marketing of Inception and Winter’s Bone

September 23, 2013


Teaser for Inception

In this teaser, we are given no dialogue- and so don’t know what the film is about. It teases, thereby encouraging us to see the film. A point about the marketing, is that it was effective for giving very little information, this secrecy influenced the audience to create a story for themselves, encouraging them to watch the film.

The intended audience for this film is 16-30 year old males, this audience is catered to with action sequences for younger men, and an intellectually challenging plot for older men.

A website and an app was released before the film which gave clues to what the film was about, while posters warned the audience about the fictional crime of “dream theft”. These clues created an “internet buzz”, and widespread interest- an official inception website with information and an extra trailer,”Alternate reality games” (ARG’s) were also released. The film itself can be marketed well with a game, as the narrative is structured similarly to a game, with different levels and so on. Other marketing used was social media, such as a facebook page for the film, and the ability to “create your own posters”.

The film was also marketed via magazine, with Empire magazine calling it the “Movie event of 2010”. There was also coverage with Electronic press kit and the publicity circus, where Christopher Nolan and Leonardo Dicaprio will have spoken about the film without giving too much away.

200 million was spent on the film, a further 100 million was spent on marketing it.

In this poster we can see indications of the genre- gun, bleached out colours (thriller). And we can see Leonardo Dicaprio at the front, as he is the main selling point.

Winter’ Bone

Winter’s Bone is an indie film, so it had a small budget and wasn’t expected to make much money. Indie films tend to be unusual, and are usually aimed at Cinephiles (people who are really interested in films), or students interested in something different, and perhaps an older and more educated audience.

The trailer creates intrigue, as it’s unclear what is going on, the trailer makes the film look like a┬ámainstream thriller- which it isn’t.

As part of the publicity circus, Jennifer Lawrence (the lead actress), did a photoshoot in a bikini.