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MEDIA 9/10/13

November 13, 2013
SYNERGY– is the cross promotion of two or more products this there for creates a greater effect than their individual efforts.
  • Must only use one industry
  • Must link points to the question
  • In the intro answer the question. (to what extent are they? 0-10)
  • In advertising cosmetic and beauty products celebrity’s are crucial
  • In TV, it depends on what type of program it is
  • Choose an are you can write most about eg- cosmetics in advertising and celebrity programs on tv
  • Must use close references to the text
  • Use terminology
  • Must read background info (can find on common or Guardian website)
  • Must include on UK text
  • should be around 800 words long


  • ill manors- main production company is the BBC
  • The film had been developed for 3 years prior to filming as it was difficult to sell as it’s a grim story and is not what people want to see
  • Was a micro budget film
  • Training through production scheme
  • Plan B wrote the soundtrack, made the film money
  • ill manors run out of money for post-production so sold distribution rights to resolve.



Lesson – 24/10/2013 Media Studies Blog – Robert Gray

November 4, 2013


WBCC – Window of creative Competition (2003)

  • 25% of original programmes on BBC must be independent

Background Knowledge

The apprentice was made by Fremantle Uk Who is owned by RTL GP they are owned by Bertelsmann – Who also own many other companies including a magazine, which may do an article on the apprentice.

There are 25 different versions of The Apprentice – one way to tell it is successful.

You could say The Apprentice is the perfect PSB Programme as it is:

  • Informative
  • Entertaining

The international programmes for each country allows them to be culturally specific – therefore be more successful in the country shown – a good example of globalisation.

Key term – GLOCAL



Scott and Bailey

–          Red production (successful for 25 years)

–          Still going now

–          The programme its self is on its 3rd series which is also a measure of success

Synergy – October

October 24, 2013

Promotion is when a company advertise and sells their product. Media Corporation’s cross promote which means they use the company they own to promote each other’s products. An example of this is the ‘Sun TV Listings’ has ‘Sky 1’ as they are both owned by the same company. A normal TV Listings would only have BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. Cross Promotion allows you to market products in different media in effect free of charge.

Synergy is when the interaction of two or more forces working together creates a greater effect than the sum of their individual efforts. Media synergy is the way in which different elements of a media conglomerate work together to promote linked products across different medias. News Corporation owns BSkyB, The Sun, The Ties, 20th Century Fox and Fox TV.  Using the Simpsons that is created by Fox is put onto Sky for the UK Premiere which creates more revenue for News Corporation.

High School Musical

The film promotes the DVD, which promotes the soundtrack, which promotes the advert calendar, which promotes the doll, which promotes the sequel, which promotes the disney store, which promotes the film. All of these products are promoted by each other, the reason for this is that they are all owned by the same company, Disney.


Horizontal Integration – Products promote each other such as when a franchise has a film, video game and album

Ancillary Revenue – The revenue that is made by merchandise, theme parks and similar products

Ancillary Revenue has become more important than the box office revenue as companies have realised how much money can be made be just selling merchandise. The film is the shop windows, the base of everything to come such as the merchandise and spin offs.

Entertainment supertext is properties that can be used across media. These rely on spectacle such as high quality special effects which are expensive, meaning that this can only be done by major studios.