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Types of Distribution

November 22, 2013

18th November

The is two types of distribution-

Blanket distribution– goes everywhere

Platform distribution– opens small and gradually gets bigger for example 12 Years Of Slaves started in 19 theatres and it is now in 14 hundred.

Platform release is usually used for indie films as they are a niche audience, and indie companies cannot afford to go worldwide.

Platform release is also used for the awards season for example the Oscars as the movie must of been released the previous year, so if the film is still in the cinemas it gives it a bigger advantage as it would be more familiar with audiences.

The Oscars as designed to market middle brow films, these are not simply entertainment but also through provoking.

-These films are harder to market than those aimed at mass audience

-Platform release also allows the creation of buzz (positive word of mouth)



-UK box office is similar to US but is smaller.

-UK box office is dominated by Hollywood

-Stars are fading

-People prefer special effects in Hollywood films- big budget means higher production.

-Low budget British films cannot compete except for The Kings Speech and The Inbetweeners.

Assignment– Does the ownership of your main texts effect how it is produced?


Hollywood Film Industries & Essay Feedback

November 12, 2013

Feedback on Marketing Essay

  •       Introduction must include the industry and three texts.
  •       Must include actual examples.
  •       Don’t do two Hollywood texts as you will repeat yourself.
  •       Add more detail; refer to the texts closely.
  •       Link to the question.
  •       Be concise; make your point and move on.
  •       Give an example of synergy without explaining what it is.
  •       Always capitalise film names.

Hollywood Film Industries

Viacom owns Paramount and DreamWorks, Sony owns Colombia. When HD was first invented there were two companies which offered HD. Sony owned Blu-ray and Toshiba owned HD which was eventually out of business because Sony also invented PlayStation which offered Blu-ray even if you didn’t have a Blu-ray player.

Warner bought Newline. They did this because when a major studio buys a less successful one, it gives them access to a niche market.

The major studios include:

  •       Warner Bros.
  •       20th Century Fox
  •       Paramount
  •       Colombia
  •       Disney

Independence: It doesn’t depend on the state. It relies on advertisers. E.g. ITV formed in 1957 doesn’t get money from the government like the BBC.

Case study: Quasi indie.

  •         It’s small because it’s owned by a major studio
  •         Thoughtful as well as entertaining
  •         Focuses on ordinary people with ordinary problems
  •         Sometimes true stories
  •         Sometimes ends unresolved
  •         Offbeat

Reference: Page 122 of Media Institutions and Audiences, indie film section, book by Nick Lacey

17th September-Marketing

November 6, 2013

ASSIGNMENT: How effectively were your 3 main texts marketed? (ill manors, winters bone and inception)

Catchup BBC gives you a week to watch a programme you have missed. This means you have to buy it if you miss it and encourages you to watch it.

The industries we are studying are:

Defiance is a new American TV series to be released June 2014. It is linked to a game at
Everything whjich happens in the game influences the plot.
Comic-con is a convention for fans of comics and similar things. Defiance would be a suitable thing to market at Comic-con.
A Comic-con reel was made. Big TV companies make show reels to plan ahead.
Comic-con fanbase may be interested. The Syfy company wanted to create a buzz. They want word of mouth publicity.

“Long-lead is now our priority” Long-lead is the time leading up to the release. This can be up to a year

1 year in advance, a comic-con rell is used in a similar way to which a teaser trailer is used.

Audiences are “splintered”. This means there are many niches, making it difficult to market as you need to aim at many different audiences.

Word of mouth is the best marketing. However producers cannot control this. Social recommendation is key to the success.

NBC own Syfy

Tumblr may be used as amarketing technique as many fans make dedicated fan blogs on Tumblr.

Sampling via video on demand (VoD) is also a good marketing device.

Before a new season of a programme begins, companies need to persuade people to catch-up. Some fan blogs may show clips and images or gifs from the old season to help with catching up. Some fans who are youtubers may also make videos.


Stars- 25th September 2013

September 30, 2013


  • marketing device
  • commodity – a product to be sold
  • persona – image that plays across texts – primary (film) secondary (chat shows, etc)
  • reduces the uniqueness of the film
  • gives the audience a clear idea of what to expect in the film
  • an object of desire
  • the meaning can shift (mean different things to different people – readings)
  • typecast – known for playing a certain type of role
  • some stars more typecast than others
  • can be difficult for starts to break out of it

Jim Carrey– trying to break out of his slapstick comedy persona with such films as The Number 23, I Love You Phillip Morris and The Majestic
wasn’t successful so he turned to  franchises- Anchorman 2, Kick-Ass 2 and Dumb and Dumber To

Stars who are starting to become less successful are likely to go back and make a squeal

A-List Stars- massive, open movies – Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

B-List Stars- Vince Vaughn, Matt Damon, Cameron Diaz

  • Stars are usually attractive – erotic contemplation
  • one way relationship

TV Stars

  • David Tennant
  • John Hamm (Mad Men)
  • Ashley Walters? (Top Boy)

TV Stars have a circulating persona (chat shows, TV magazines, morning TV)

Holly Willoughby – TV presenters can be stars too
acts suitably for the program she is in therefore is a personality not a star because she doesn’t act the same (doesn’t have a persona)
Celebrity Juice, This Morning, The Voice

Soap Stars

  • Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street)
  • Steve McFadden (Eastenders)
  • Barbara Windsor (Eastenders)
  • Chris Fountain (Hollyoaks and Coronation Street)
  • Patsy Palmer (Eastenders)
  • Shane Riche (Eastenders)
  • Jesse Wallace (Eastenders)
  • Suranne Jones (Coronation Street)
  • Danny Mac (Hollyoaks)


Lesson – 16/09/2013 Media Studies Blog – Robert Gray

September 27, 2013


–          Ill manors is a British genre film which was initially released on May 30th , 2012, then on June 6th, 2012.

Marketing techniques for Ill manors

Posters – There were 8 different kinds of posters here are some examples:


Within the posters there were many marketing techniques such as the gun, which could represent action in the film directing it at 16-30 year old males.

Cross promotion – As a famous music artist Ben Drew aka. (Plan B) could easily cross promote his film. Close to the release of the film he released the album “ill manors”

The album included a lot of songs from the actual film, and singles in which their videos included characters from the film – however there was no actual footage from the film which was unusual.

Below is an example of the music video:

This album release can also be used as part of the publicity circus – as plan B appeared on many chat shows etc… to promote both the film and the album.

Another interesting point about this film is that the trailer:

this was only released a month before it came out – if we compare this to inception where a teaser trailer was released about a year before, you can see that inception was trying to create a “buzz” for the film and attract audiences.  Also within the trailer it was rapid montage this did not give a clear idea of the film, this was a weak point of the trailer.

Social media advertising was also a key element in in marketing the film:

Here we see Facebook, Twitter and an official website.

When thinking about defining the audience remember

*Genre can include and exclude at the same time*

When applying this to ill manors, you could say the film was aimed at 16-30 males due to the appearance of guns, and attractive women in the trailer; however you could also say it was aimed at a niche audience due to the complex storyline “We are all products of our environment”.


Take the BBC marketing for the apprentice:

The BBC has a huge core audience, and because they own the channel it doesn’t cost them to advertise, they can put the advert for the apprentice in-between their shows.

This is why they are in the strong position – they have a wide variety of audience and the power to easily advertise whenever they want.


They had two tasks:

  1. To get people to know about it.
  2. Get these people to watch it.

The fear was shown across 4 days, so they needed to grab the audience quickly.

Because it was shown across 4 days this meant there was less marketing opportunities, as they couldn’t advertise for a whole week until the next episode as they may usually do., it was also hard for them to promote catch up as people may not have enough free time to catch up on a day-to-day basis.

Marketing of Inception and Winter’s Bone

September 23, 2013


Teaser for Inception

In this teaser, we are given no dialogue- and so don’t know what the film is about. It teases, thereby encouraging us to see the film. A point about the marketing, is that it was effective for giving very little information, this secrecy influenced the audience to create a story for themselves, encouraging them to watch the film.

The intended audience for this film is 16-30 year old males, this audience is catered to with action sequences for younger men, and an intellectually challenging plot for older men.

A website and an app was released before the film which gave clues to what the film was about, while posters warned the audience about the fictional crime of “dream theft”. These clues created an “internet buzz”, and widespread interest- an official inception website with information and an extra trailer,”Alternate reality games” (ARG’s) were also released. The film itself can be marketed well with a game, as the narrative is structured similarly to a game, with different levels and so on. Other marketing used was social media, such as a facebook page for the film, and the ability to “create your own posters”.

The film was also marketed via magazine, with Empire magazine calling it the “Movie event of 2010”. There was also coverage with Electronic press kit and the publicity circus, where Christopher Nolan and Leonardo Dicaprio will have spoken about the film without giving too much away.

200 million was spent on the film, a further 100 million was spent on marketing it.

In this poster we can see indications of the genre- gun, bleached out colours (thriller). And we can see Leonardo Dicaprio at the front, as he is the main selling point.

Winter’ Bone

Winter’s Bone is an indie film, so it had a small budget and wasn’t expected to make much money. Indie films tend to be unusual, and are usually aimed at Cinephiles (people who are really interested in films), or students interested in something different, and perhaps an older and more educated audience.

The trailer creates intrigue, as it’s unclear what is going on, the trailer makes the film look like a mainstream thriller- which it isn’t.

As part of the publicity circus, Jennifer Lawrence (the lead actress), did a photoshoot in a bikini.