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October 17, 2013

15TH October 2013


1)Terrestrial Television: Ariel (digital) 

so if you get Freeview an example of the number of channels would be channel 4 which includes 24 radio channels and 4HD

2) Cable and Satellite

This offers more than Freeview

If you subscribe to BT for a certain length of time you are able to get Youview through cable for free and this features: lots of channels and catch-up television.

3) Pay TV (one off)

-Part of NOW TV which is a form as pay as you go television

-unlike subscription television where you have to be subscribed for at least a month you can choose to cancel after certain programmes.

4) Subscription TV

Virgin media (cable, satellite) is an example of subscription TV, unlike other platforms you are able to get you TV bundled with broadband and mobile phones. Simply a way to make more money by bundling items together.

5) Net Based

Apple TV is a net based platform and offers you the chance to rent and buy movies through iTunes definitely a new wave of watching television.

-offers everything from itunes

-Heavily American based (NFL)

-you can also watch sky news on Apple TV but unlike watching it on your actual television on this platform you can be much more independent and pick your own articles to read like a newspaper to an extent.

-Similar to catch-up television.

6) Sky Anytime

-This platform offers you the chance to watch whichever programme you like wherever you are.

It features:

Catchup television

Live streaming

VoD (video on demand)

7) Game Consoles

This is a platform where you are able to watch television from your consoles including: Playstation and Xbox.

Mainly offers catch-up television.

8) Online

Netflix and Love film are definitely a new wave of watching both tv and film from your P.C providing you subscribe with them of course, it offers you the chance to rent or buy movies from a fixed price per month.

This is available on platforms via computers, internet, mobile, console and tablets.


Netflix spent 90 million on the chance to buy original programme.

-House of Cards was purely made for netlfix but eventually it was sold to sky after about 9 months viewing on Netlfix, this offered viewers the chance to watch the whole 9 episodes in one viewing (known as binging tv) instead of the traditional 1 episode a week.


-DVD was a market

-Golden Oldie channels (offer old programmes)

-As programmes get older they become less in demand so they are sold to different platforms at increasingly cheaper prices whereas newer programmes can be sold at a premium rate.