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17th September-Marketing

November 6, 2013

ASSIGNMENT: How effectively were your 3 main texts marketed? (ill manors, winters bone and inception)

Catchup BBC gives you a week to watch a programme you have missed. This means you have to buy it if you miss it and encourages you to watch it.

The industries we are studying are:

Defiance is a new American TV series to be released June 2014. It is linked to a game at
Everything whjich happens in the game influences the plot.
Comic-con is a convention for fans of comics and similar things. Defiance would be a suitable thing to market at Comic-con.
A Comic-con reel was made. Big TV companies make show reels to plan ahead.
Comic-con fanbase may be interested. The Syfy company wanted to create a buzz. They want word of mouth publicity.

“Long-lead is now our priority” Long-lead is the time leading up to the release. This can be up to a year

1 year in advance, a comic-con rell is used in a similar way to which a teaser trailer is used.

Audiences are “splintered”. This means there are many niches, making it difficult to market as you need to aim at many different audiences.

Word of mouth is the best marketing. However producers cannot control this. Social recommendation is key to the success.

NBC own Syfy

Tumblr may be used as amarketing technique as many fans make dedicated fan blogs on Tumblr.

Sampling via video on demand (VoD) is also a good marketing device.

Before a new season of a programme begins, companies need to persuade people to catch-up. Some fan blogs may show clips and images or gifs from the old season to help with catching up. Some fans who are youtubers may also make videos.