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13th November- Film Platforms

November 18, 2013

1) Cinema

2) DVD/ Bluray – Retail
– Rental

Downloads, eg. Itunes/Apple TV  – Retail
– Rental

Normally both retail and rental but during Christmas period only retail

Normally 4 months until available for rent or retail
– occasionally longer eg. Iron Man 3 (waited to release at Christmas- 6 months after cinema)

3) Pay TV- SkyStore (can be available same time as stage 2)
– usually 6-12 months after cinema release
– Pacific Rim didn’t do as well as expected so on Pay TV earlier

4) Netflix/ LoveFilm – around 12 months after cinema

Subscription – Sky Movies etc.

5) ‘Free to air’ Tv – 2 years

A Field in England was released on  free TV (Film4), DVD and video-on-demand at the same time it was released in the cinema

BBC films for example, miss out stages 3 + 4


Advertising platforms

November 6, 2013


– National


– Catch up (commercial)

Are calendar news ads regional?

Outdoor advertising, e.g. Billboards


Most advertising is regional, as are most radio channels. There are only 3 national channels, it’s hard to compete with the BBC as they already have the genres covered, and don’t advertise.

Unlike radio, magazines are mostly national, however some are regional- such as Yorkshire Life





Digital advertising (Online)


-Social media

-Interactive and targeted- cookies and what you click on, websites know you



-Main reel

-Separate from main reel (e.g. EE with Kevin Bacon)

International brands– Not a platform but some advertisers go international, e.g. airlines, mcdonalds or coca cola