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AS Media Studies (18/10/13) – Feminism

October 24, 2013


Feminism is where women and men both believe that the two genders should be equal in society.

This is of course not true in modern society, due to the high amount of sexism in the televised Media.

Feminists believe that there are two factors that make men the superior gender in society:

Pay (i.e. ‘men get paid more than women when they do the same job’).

Opportunity (i.e. ‘men get the better jobs’).

UK Feminista

UK Feminista is an organisation (founded in 2010) that involves both men and women who campaign for equality between the two genders in society. (The link to their Website –

They believe that, if the genders were equal in society, economics and politics, the word would be a better place for all.

In 2010, they made a video that explained their views about sexism in society today, and what they plan to do to stop sexism in society. (Here is the link to this video –

Their Protest Against Sexism

This video presents the idea that these campaigners are :

– Passionate about what they believe in and what they are campaigning for.

Determined to ‘make a difference’ in society.

– Independent in what they are campaigning for (e.g. the ‘leader’ of the campaign has a megaphone to ‘spur on’ and ‘encourage’ her fellow campaigners to protest).

– ‘Powerful’ (In such a way that they will not give up in their ‘quest’ to have equality in society).

– Collective (i.e. they are a group that share one belief/interest. In this case, equality between genders).

(Note: ‘Determination’, ‘Independent’ and ‘Powerful’ are all characteristics that males are represented as having).

This video also presents the idea that women are ‘victims’ of sexism in society. This is why women are ‘taking action’ against sexism, and they campaign to stop sexism in society and in the televised Media.


October 17, 2013


1) re-presentation (of the world)

media language

Iconic image:  resembles what it represants
Index: linked to whats represanted
Symbol: no link

2: stereotypes or types
A good example of this would be the “dumb blonde” always coming out with dizzy comments and doesnt know anything ths is a stereotype of blonde people. When infact they are just like everyone else there not “dumb”

3: Who is doing the reprensation- ( who is speaking)

woman are commonly found to be speaking on cleaning product adverts as they know best they are the experts in that particular field they know what they are talking about.

4: How the audiance reads the represantation

This is how you see what is being represanted

Chapter 4 in the image and representation  contains all the information from section 4:3 up to 4:6