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January 27, 2014

Commodity – Product

-Stars are a commodity as they are been sold.

-Women pose to emphasize their body and sexiness

-Sexy Soap Stars – publicity Circus, TV choice (Daz), Partners (Public eye), Stars (value of commodity), Metro (Fills a page)

-Celebrity Endorsement – direct address (to stay in public eye)


Stars: Not as powerful as they were

November 4, 2013

Stereotypically, stars are: attractive, famous, usually mainstream and a marketing device.
Dyers theory of stars:
A star is an image not a person, they are constructed out of a range of materials.

Primary text: film (or TV)
Secondary text: media coverage (e.g. Magazines)

Image (or persona) is the same across all/most texts. Stars appear to be ordinary but also extraordinary at the same time. Stars exist only for marketing purposes. Stars being extraordinary makes them special so people want to see them on TV. Whereas stars being ordinary makes them relatable and likeable. Their charisma makes them stand out on the screen.
Marlon Brando, a star from the 1950’s is an example of this. He has an image which is always the same even when he’s playing different roles.

Clara Bow, a star from the 1920’s was seen as ‘the other woman’. Her persona is a bit like a genre.

Stars always play themselves and this is what sells films.

Although Will Smith starred in ‘seven pounds’ and ‘the pursuit of happiness’ to try to break out of his persona.

A star is a commodity.

The studios don’t consider stars as people, they do not get to choose which roles they play.

Star power is in decline as studios now rely on franchises to sell a film (e.g. Iron man or marvel) Disney are trying to bring back Star Wars. Will Smith, Tom Cruize and Angelina Jolie are still selling points but no where near as powerful as they were. The lack of stars make films cheaper to make (they don’t have to pay the actors as much) but harder to sell (people like to watch stars).

Soap Stars/Global Stars

October 24, 2013

Sexy Soap Stars – Part of the Publicity Circus – TV Choice – Daz sponserd Tv choice – Partners – Stars- selling series (value of commodity) (keep them in the public eye) – Metro paper uses them as it fills a page.

Soap stars are like film stars just not as big or known. – they come across ordinary on soaps but extra ordinary on the red carpet.

Celebrity Chef programmes can be used to sell the programme as they are: TV personalities, they are the ‘audiences friend’ due to the direct adress that  they give.

Stars will also endorse in products to keep them in the public eye Advertisements such as Chanel and L’oreal use Beyonce and Kiera Knightly as they are global stars, this therefore means the advert will be shown worldwide getting the product known to a wide range of people.

Stars- 25th September 2013

September 30, 2013


  • marketing device
  • commodity – a product to be sold
  • persona – image that plays across texts – primary (film) secondary (chat shows, etc)
  • reduces the uniqueness of the film
  • gives the audience a clear idea of what to expect in the film
  • an object of desire
  • the meaning can shift (mean different things to different people – readings)
  • typecast – known for playing a certain type of role
  • some stars more typecast than others
  • can be difficult for starts to break out of it

Jim Carrey– trying to break out of his slapstick comedy persona with such films as The Number 23, I Love You Phillip Morris and The Majestic
wasn’t successful so he turned to  franchises- Anchorman 2, Kick-Ass 2 and Dumb and Dumber To

Stars who are starting to become less successful are likely to go back and make a squeal

A-List Stars- massive, open movies – Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

B-List Stars- Vince Vaughn, Matt Damon, Cameron Diaz

  • Stars are usually attractive – erotic contemplation
  • one way relationship

TV Stars

  • David Tennant
  • John Hamm (Mad Men)
  • Ashley Walters? (Top Boy)

TV Stars have a circulating persona (chat shows, TV magazines, morning TV)

Holly Willoughby – TV presenters can be stars too
acts suitably for the program she is in therefore is a personality not a star because she doesn’t act the same (doesn’t have a persona)
Celebrity Juice, This Morning, The Voice

Soap Stars

  • Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street)
  • Steve McFadden (Eastenders)
  • Barbara Windsor (Eastenders)
  • Chris Fountain (Hollyoaks and Coronation Street)
  • Patsy Palmer (Eastenders)
  • Shane Riche (Eastenders)
  • Jesse Wallace (Eastenders)
  • Suranne Jones (Coronation Street)
  • Danny Mac (Hollyoaks)


A Continuation On Stars

September 30, 2013

As the title would suggest, the lesson was a continuation of our discussion on stars, their qualities and how they are used for marketing a film.

Using Leonardo DiCaprio as a case study, a list of essential qualities that consist his persona (his image in the public eye through his film roles and interviews, essentially)was drawn up, concluding that generally he is:
.Troubled/ Dark side
.Professional (mostly)
.Dates models.

To illustrate this, a clip from Inception (2009) was used where he interrogates Cillian Murphy’s character at gun point. In the scene, intensity and a dark side were both portrayed, and if you view the film as a whole then signs of heroism and charm are certainly present, emphasizing the idea of a star’s persona. The last three points are more relevant to the gossip/interview side of a persona, and to illustrate this a video interview with Empire Online about Body Of Lies was used. ( In the interview, DiCaprio speaks in a very complimentary fashion about the directors he has worked with in a very complimentary way, portraying him as being very professional, as well as humble about the fact that he has worked with “A List directors” such as Scorsese as behaving in a fashion that could be seen as being arrogant would destroy the persona. (The interview all ties into the idea of the publicity circus that we have been covering lately).

We then examined both his official website and a fan site, with the former most likely being set up by his agents. The use of the website helps to market DiCaprio, as stars a re a commodity as we learned last lesson, and so includes trailers for his upcoming films and the like. ( The fan site would be actively encouraged by DiCaprio’s management as it serves to market him and his persona for free.. It also emphasizes the weight that stars have on popular culture as people choose to dedicate themselves in this fashion to document them.( (Websites and fan sites like this could be used in your star portfolios.

Two final key ideas were introduced, firstly that stars are extraordinary and ordinary, being regular people that through the ideas of stars and how they are portrayed through the media become more than ordinary, and secondly that stars are in decline as there are less of them (A Listers, anyway) and they can open films less on their own. Instead, franchises are taking over as the sure fire way to open a film and make money. There are some exceptions,such as the Pirates of the Caribbean series, which serves as an amalgamation of the two.

Friday 20th September (Leonardo DiCaprio)

September 25, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio’s star persona
-Action films -Heroic -Goes out with models
-(Character based) -Intense
-Heart-throb -Darker side/troubled
-Diversity in roles.. persona? -Private/professional (mostly)

Publicity circus – Appearing in the media in order to sell something (interview). Marketing which is not paid for.

EPK – Electronic press kit

Leonardo DiCaprio does an interview for the film Body of Lies which appears on the Empire magazine website.
This is done to generate traffic on the Empire website so people will subscribe to the Empire magazine. Also, more hits on the website means advertisers pay more to advertise on their website. Also, the interview will market the film. This is called a symbiotic relationship as it benefits both parties.
e.g. The benefit to ITV of getting a lot of people watching is that it can sell audiences to advertisers for more money. When the Jonathon Ross show has celebrity guests on, there will be a lot of viewers, which means the advert slot will be more valuable to advertisers and creates more revenue for ITV, and a larger audience for the advertisers.

How does the Leonardo DiCaprio Body Of Lies interview market the film?
-Starts by talking about the genre of the film (Action/Thriller) to sell the genre to audiences
-Unique rolls
-“Most suffiecient film maker I’ve ever worked with”
-“Editors take ages, make film perfect”
-Selling the film makers/directors
-Picture of the film in the background
Note: When creating a star portfolio look at a fan website as well as an official website – Splend in the grass – Jennifer Lawrence
“Got lucky” “Plucked from everyday life” – Normal girl, just like us – makes her relatable and therefore more likeable.
The magazine is marketing ‘Winters Bone’ positively so studios will give them access to stars next time they want.
Jeniffer Lawrence did the Esquire photo shoot to raise publicity and market herself.