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Walking Dead graphic novel and episode 1

November 4, 2013

Graphic novel

– “BOOM” The words on the paper are used to make the sound of a car crashing, its onomatopoeia.

– There is a close up of the hillbilly to show his facial reaction and what he is saying.

– High angle shot of rick in bed, its dark, this shows how alone he is.

– There is 9 segments of rick getting out of bed to show he is alone and noone will come and help him.

walking dead tv opening

– Long shot of a car driving to show there is no one around- looks normal its deceiving.

– Medium shot of car to show its a police car.

– Steady cam dollying backwards so we can’t see the damage.

– Telephoto lense.

– Eyeline match to show what he is looking at.

– Setting: derelict car park

– Use of little girl shows innocence and that she needs protecting, also its suspensful becuase we dont know that she is a zombie at first.