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Thursday 10th October 2013- Where Do We Go Now?

October 10, 2013

The disruption in the film= religious schism

There is unity within their community because they all watch the TV together.

When the women are discussing religion, it is friendly banter “We’ve gained a Christian!”

Radio in the cafe is telling them about a civil war. The women are listening but the men aren’t. Amal (the waitress) turns over the radio station so it plays music so this doesn’t encourage the men to fight. Thankfully men aren’t listening anyway so the women are successful.

Men are childish- playing cards, fighting and playing table football

The TV is a narrative disruption because it causes an argument. The TV is a communal gathering however they all want to watch a different channel.

Women spend their time avoiding conflict. They are powerful but it is indirect because of the patriarchal society they live in. This shows how the patriarchy stops the women having a lot of power.

Comparing Where Do We Go Now? with The Source
– in where do we go now, the women are indirect
-in the source the women are direct because they tell the men what they are doing

The imam and the priest are the only men who are peacekeeping.

Only the women and children remain communal.

The Christians are Catholic because the Virgin Mary is a symbol of Catholisism

“You call yourself a man!” the woman uses gender as an insult rather than religion